Welcome to The Bar Bella!

I’ve been toying around with the idea of re-entering the blogging community, and yesterday the cute name Bar Bella came to me while I was driving. I was certain someone would have the name. But ta-da, they don’t and so here I am. I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, I’m married to the love of my life, I’m mildly obsessed with cats, Taylor Swift, matching outfits, and monograms.

Here’s a long story short, I have never identified my as being athletic. I played AYSO soccer for 8 years, but that was mainly because my Dad was the coach. I ran cross country my freshmen year in high school, and my coach I didn’t get along because I always wanted to stop and make sure the other runners were okay during the course. Apparently you are simply suppose to pass them.

Insert, circa 2009. My then boyfriend, now husband started doing CrossFit near Charlotte, NC. However, I did not jump aboard the train until this year. Last year I trained and completed my first half marathon. It was my post wedding activity, as we got married in June of 2013.

My husband would ask once in a while if I was interested in lifting, but I was fairly determined (read stubborn) to make running my “thing” and let him and the other fools have CrossFit. And then in January of this year I decided to start training for a second half marathon. But with that I asked him to create programming for my crosstraining days. This meant lifts, I still had ZERO interest in WODing as they call it.

Once I wasn’t intimated by the barbell sitting in the corner of our apartment gym, I was hooked. There is nothing like the confidence and simply put “bad ass-ness” I feel when I pick up something heavy and put it back down. For the first time in my life the size of my thighs is a plus because guess what it means I have more in the tank!

With setting a 10 minute PR (and a SUPER flat course) for my second half marathon, I decided that my husband could coach me through the remainder of my year’s races. I had previously decided to complete 14 races in 2014, and let me tell you finishing that was a beast! But more on that in a different post.

In July of this year my husband got his certification and was suddenly spending even more time at the gym. There also was an offer for a free membership as his wife. A perk I’ve now come to take for granted. However, there was multiple mornings I had said I would go to his gym and then chickened out. What was I so afraid of? More on that later as well.

Moral of the story (sorry I misled you, this was by no means a long story short), I’m now at the gym 4-5 times a day. And I can at least tell you what most of the once foreign terms mean. But doing CrossFit or my hybrid programming as I like to tease my husband about, has given me alot more than a 150 PR’ back squat. Yup, that happened last week and I’m still riding the high.

I’ve made new gym friends, which I was certain wouldn’t happen. I’ve done ONE WHOLE strict pull up. I think my muscular thighs are the bomb diggiety (some days) and I’ve found women role models who also think that!  And I’ve now become that person who sent a holiday card with us lifting on it together. So there is is ladies and gents, an intro to my new journey into the barbell world. Join me as I bumble my way through life, singing while I lift, prancing for distance (see photo below), and someday hopefully inventing a sparkly barbell.

❤ -The Bar Bella

runningbullsI was clearly meant to be a princess.


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