If It Sparkles I Need It

Sports typically only attract me for long enough if there are accessorize to go with them. As I mentioned previously, I just finished up six months with Team WAG, who’s programming comes from Travis Mash. Travis Mash is an Olympic lifter and well, yeah he likes Olympic lifts. I’m not going to try and describe those three lifts to you, but if you want to learn more google Snatch, Clean and Jerk.

About a month ago, about half way through Mash’s progrmaming for the second time, my wrists started bothering me. Insert accessories. Brandon has some Rogue black and red wrist wraps, but I needed my own. I quickly jumped on Etsy and found a wonderful seller who was willing to work with my demanding self to create me the most unique set of wrist wraps I’ve ever seen. Becca at Darling Deuce was so fabulous and I’m now ready for more sparkly lifts.

Bring on the lifts, flips, and maybe even some Mermaid dancing. (That’s a Pitch Perfect reference and if you don’t get it, please watch that movie!)



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