Double- what?

When I first starting visiting CrossFit Local, I was content just hanging out in the corner with Poster Chad and doing back squats and front squats.When I decided to stop running (read as my body completely revolted after doing 14 races in 2014) I decided to investigate the oth

er movements that CrossFit included. I will save how Mr. Barbelle perfected my technique for the Oly lifts for another post, and jump to one move I woke up one day and was determined to master:


I was in the Jump Rope club in elementary school, and you know what I remember from that? Running laps. And the ridiculous beaded jump-ropes.

Why they were beaded and multi-colored, I will never know.

So I walked into the gym one morning and after the lifts and a met-con (read, I was ridiculously sweaty and tired), I grabbed a jump rope from the wall and was all set to do my first double under. I did nothing but whip myself for a full 3 minutes. And then I threw that thing and stalked away, disgusted with the rope.

Brandon and The Banditos kept telling me practice would make perfect, so I decided to spend 5 minutes practicing double unders 2-3 times a week. And it was awful. And I heard every piece of advice that wasn’t even solicited:

Jump higher” <You don’t think I’m trying that?>

Jump faster” but then came “Jump Slower”

You look crazy when you jump” was probably one of my favorites, and likely came from my wonderful husband.

Someone even stopped me mid-work out and told me to “jump softer“, what do I look like a freaken bunny rabbit?

Fast forward about a month and Brandon and I were visiting a box, CrossFit Indian Trail. The owner handed me a baby blue rope and I quietly went to the furthest corner of the gym so my husband could keep his dignity as he was friends with these people.

And then I jumped. And did it. I did 6 in a row. I did 10 in a row. What was this mystical magical blue rope I had stumbled upon?

JumpNrope changed my double under game forever. It could also be that I immediately order a hot pink one, and we all know how much I love colored accessories (this is the gal who has her own purple lacrosse balls), but I digress.

I started with the 2.0 rope, and have now moved up to the 1.5.

Do NOT mistake this success story for one that is complete. There are still work outs that I can string 40 double under together, and then get back to the rope and can’t get 2. Ask my husband to show you his fancy rope from JumpNrope, it’s metal and I’m scared of it because I think if I whipped myself with it, I would sever a limb. However, Brandon will also be happy to talk to you about the science behind these ropes. Science is his specialty.

But really the moral of this story is to just keep practicing. And maybe get a really sweet jump rope that will motivate you to practice through the whip lash. And ignore the dude who tries to coach you mid-work out. He deserves to get hit with a rope.



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