Link Up: Thinking Out Loud

I am trying to hit the ground running, and while my forever home is currently under construction, I’ve followed some tips, bought a domain, and am trying to create good content. I also got the tip to do some link ups, so here is my first one! Running with Spoons, Thinking Out Loud.

1. I don’t want to get bulky; I’ve heard it time and time again from women who are interested in starting to lift weights, but are afraid they will bulk up. I am tired of family and friends worrying I’m going to bulk up. This what I think about that.


2. This is what inspired my new name, Mrs.Barbelle. I always wanted to be Beauty. But mostly for the sweet library.

3. My hubby is out of town for the week, and therefore I have had all this free time. So I have decided to dive into the blogging world. Mainly because I haven’t had to cook massive amounts of food or do a crap ton of laundry. I miss him a ton, however I don’t miss those things.

4. In line with number 3, while the hubby’s away the cats have truly come out to play. They are acting out and being super wild. Here is their debut for the blog. I anticipate them making it into many more posts. I also am trying to make Mr. Barbelle’s fish narcoleptic because I keep forgetting to feed them in the day. I just realized I forgot to feed them again this morning #fail.


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